Meet Danny Ross



Danny Ross was born in Edmonton. He’s lived in other cities but chooses to call Edmonton home because of the supportive and cooperative community. 

In his current role at the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC), Danny is actively supporting the local arts community in various ways. In 2023, he assisted the rebrand and re-naming of the EAC Shop and Services division, formerly known as TIX on the Square. He works closely with the retail team to ensure artists represented in the EAC Shop and those in our community find more opportunities to sell and showcase their work.

Beyond that, his regular focus is helping local artists make connections. 

“I’m out in the community, seeking opportunities to connect artists with the City of Edmonton, Explore Edmonton, our Business Improvement Areas, private business and other organizations, in hopes of fostering meaningful business opportunities and relationships.”

With these relationships and community foundations backing them, Danny loves to see artists able to take risks and carve out a unique voice in Edmonton and in the country.


“Edmonton does have a very unique point of view when it comes to cutting edge art and design.”


Prior to joining the EAC in 2019, Danny studied Math and Economics at the University of Alberta and Interior Design at Parsons in New York. 


Locations in video: John and Maggie Mitchell Art Gallery at MacEwan University, Hideout Distro.

Danny would say this about Edmonton to someone who’s never been here:  

“There is so much more to Edmonton than what is visible on the surface. There are pockets of artistic activity throughout the city, seemingly hidden pop up shops and restaurants, and extremely welcoming residents, who are willing to share the best-kept secrets that Edmonton has to offer.”

Danny’s three words to describe Edmonton are collaborative, curious and welcoming. 

Danny also shared a few of his fave Edmonton places: 

  • Borden Park is one of my life-long favourite places - a beautiful green space in the heart of our city. I especially appreciate it now, with the more recent inclusion of world-class public art. One of my favourite sculptures, Vaulted Willow, by Marc Fornes and THEVERYMANY, resides in Borden Park.

  • Edmonton has an excellent culinary scene, and some of the best food and drink pops-up at temporary restaurants throughout the city. Kasey Ramen, a very popular social media driven ramen business is my favourite pop-up restaurant and take-out option. I am inspired by talented entrepreneurs like Allen Gao, the owner of Kasey Ramen, who brought his business from a solo start-up offering a few dozen bowls per month, to a large-scale operation with weekly take-out events and monthly pop-up restaurants, collaborating with restaurants, designers and artists along the way.

  • In summer 2021, Danny shared his fave dish as part of Edify magazine’s best things to eat.


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